Richwood Farms - Since 1962

Woody winning the tough Open Red class at the 2006 USASA Nationals.

Woody finishing his CKC Championship with a Group Second.

Woody was an avid competitor in Rally Excellent!

Woody completing the requirements for his RE title in 2007 at 9 years and 9 months of age.  Good boy!

He was also an avid competitor in Rally 2.

And some pictures of his babies:

Woody Kids Chief Apache 1;  UKC Grand Ch. with many Best in Show.

Woody Kids Chief Apache 2;  finished ASCA ch. with all major points (2010)

Woody's beautiful son, Doogie, herding.

Woody's son, Doogie.

Many of Woody's kids come from Frankie:

"Frankie" (UKC Richwood's Frankly Scarlet, CGC and RA)

Frankie outshowing in confirmation.

Frankie as a puppy.

Two of Woody's daughters, Franki at 1st Rally leaving a score of 97, and Peaches at 1st Rally leaving a score of 100.